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People & Planet

“We are committed to respecting people and our planet in everything we do,
 as well as innovating ways to connect the world for a better tomorrow.”

 -Rajeev Suri, Nokia's President & CEO

We love what we do, so when we do something we do it well. Our technology needs to be the very best, but that’s not enough. While we connect the world we’re committed to respecting people and our planet in everything we do too. And, by doing things together we can have a much wider effect.

Our guiding principles are:

Valuing people in everything we do

We continue to stand by the core of our Finnish culture; being truthful, honest and transparent. We have long fostered diversity, equality and respect for human rights and dignity. We do not tolerate corruption of any kind, whether internal to Nokia or in our business relationships. Study our Code of Conduct which describes our expectations for the ethical conduct of Nokia’s business.

Being green and clean

We strive to make environmental issues everyone’s responsibility at Nokia – they are a part of everything we do.

Unleashing the potential of technology for good

We are committed to innovating ways to use technology for a more sustainable tomorrow.

Making change happen together

We believe collaboration with others can often be the most effective way to approach certain sustainability issues. That’s why we work with international organizations driving sustainable development and participate in public policy development initiatives across the world.

Information about how we seize opportunities to grow a sustainable business and meet our obligations to people and the planet at Nokia Networks is available here.