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Nokia and Psion Team Up To Provide Short Message Service Over PCS 1900 Networks

Messenger is a message application software that provides a low cost, easy-to-use solution for preparing, viewing, editing, storing, sending and receiving SMS (short message service) messages over GSM-based PCS 1900 networks that support the service.

"The partnership between Nokia and Psion means that a whole new group of mobile professionals will experience excellent connectivity for sending and receiving SMS messages using a Nokia 2190 digital phone over PCS 1900 networks," said Andrew Harsch, marketing manager for Nokia’s Wireless Data Group.

Psion has designed an intelligent cable that will connect the Nokia 2190 PCS digital phone to the Psion Series 3a palmtop. The system will also work on Psion’s Workabout line of industrial handheld computers.

"Nokia has core strengths in wireless data including short messaging service," said Frank Muehleman, president of Psion, Inc. "Psion offers leading handheld computers specifically designed to address the growing communication needs of today’s mobile professional. Together, Psion and Nokia offer the industry’s strongest messaging solution."

PCS 1900 networks provide a reliable and secure way to send and receive text messages of up to 160 characters. Even if the user’s phone is switched off, all messages are stored in the network until the phone is turned on and messages are retrieved. This gives the busy mobile professional the advantage of not being disturbed during an important meeting or other times when the phone may be turned off. In short, sending and receiving short messages is simpler, cheaper and less intrusive than calling.

Messenger software includes address-book management that enables users to send messages to more than one person at the same time. The user can also define groups of contacts, making it easy to send messages to different geographical groups of a sales force, for example.

Messenger also allows the user to create frequently used, or canned, messages, such as “Please call me,” or “I’m running late,” which can be sent quickly with a minimum number of keystrokes. All messages are stored in the “in box” or “out box” within the computer so that they can be re-read at any time. Received messages can also be copied and forwarded to other users.

Messenger also includes software for the PC that allows the user to originate messages, and, when used with an optional modem, to dial into an operator’s Short Message Service Center, provided this service access is available within the calling area. This is particularly useful for a an assistant or secretary who needs to pass on messages to someone who is away from the office.

Psion Incorporated is the U.S. subsidiary of Psion PLC. Psion is an international computer group committed to developing, manufacturing and marketing portable computers and software designed to increase personal and corporate productivity. Psion PLC is publicly traded on the London stock exchange under the symbol PON.L.