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The Nokia 8110 - a New Generation Mobile Phone

- The Nokia 8110 is the first of its kind in terms its ergonomics. It feels good in the hand and fits into any pocket. The revolutionary curved design fits the natural shape of your face. It has unique sliding mouthpiece for maximum voice quality. The mouthpiece, which has microphone embedded within it, both protects the keypad and slides forward to fit the contour of your chin, explained Mr Juha Reima, Managing Director for Nokia Mobile Phones, Southeast Asia.

The Nokia 8110 is the latest in a range of new cellular products that Nokia Mobile Phones will be offering over the next few months. In a move to address the needs of the non-English speaking groups across Asia, the company will offer Asian language user interface - Chinese (both traditional and simplified characters), Bahasa Indonesia, Bahasa Malaysia, Spanish (for the Philippines market) and Thai - by the end of 1996, a first in the cellular market. This means that the Nokia 8110, and subsequently other handphones in the Nokia 8100 series, will feature Asian language interface in addition to English.

The Nokia 8110 weighs only 152 grams with the standard Lithium-Ion battery. However, the operating times are excellent: talk time is up to five hours and standby time up to 150 hours (six days). In addition, charging times are among the shortest on the market.

The Nokia 8110 provides a comprehensive range of features, including the acclaimed user-friendly interface and logical keypad layout. This is the first Nokia phone with dot matrix full graphic display, which changes the text size automatically for easy viewing. The memory can store up to 324 names and numbers (125 in phone, 199 in SIM memory).

Among the new features are fax divert, mailbox button, easy dial keys, full page scroll, automatic language selection, wake up message, 16 ringing tones, and improved use of phone book. The Nokia 8110 also supports GSM Phase 2 features.

The Nokia 8110 phones enable easy communication on the move, supporting the improved Short Message Service (SMS) besides the sending and receiving of faxes, files and e-mail with the Nokia Cellular Data Card. With a versatile set of accessories, the phone naturally adapts to different environments.

- The Nokia 8100 is an ideal combination of size and weight, design and ergonomics, quality and features for people looking for the best. It will set the pace for a new generation of mobile phones, Mr. Reima added.