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Nokia 9000 Communicator makes a visible appearance in "THE SAINT"

“The Saint”, a suspense thriller starring Val Kilmer and Elisabeth Shue and directed by Philip Noyce, displays the Nokia 9000 Communicator’s innovative, multi-function capabilities. The unique next-generation product with phone and computing functionality gets significant placement in the movie as Kilmer’s character continuously relies on the Nokia 9000 to get out of tight situations, using this indispensable all-in-one device for various communications needs.

Readers and viewers have been thrilled by the adventures of Simon Templar, The Saint, for nearly seventy years. The exciting new movie was inspired by the original novels written by Leslie Charteris and the popular television series in the 1960’s starring Roger Moore.

“It makes a real statement about Nokia’s products when a movie like “The Saint”, which features cutting-edge technology and uses so many sophisticated devices, has selected the Nokia 9000 Communicator from a vast array of existing or potential products,” says Heikki Norta, General Manager, Marketing Services, Nokia Mobile Phones, Europe and Africa. “Advanced technology and products like the Nokia 9000 Communicator are already reality, available not just to movie stars in high-tech films. Now it is possible to connect with people on the move in a more efficient way than was ever dreamed possible.”

The revolutionary Nokia 9000 Communicator, the wireless industry-first innovation, combines digital voice and data services and personal organizer functions into a single, small-sized and easy-to-use unit. The product is currently selling in 30 GSM markets in Europe and Asia, and will be available later this summer in the U.S., Canada and Latin America.

In addition to voice calls, the Nokia 9000 Communicator enables users to send and receive faxes, e-mail and short messages as well as access Internet services and corporate and public databases. The unit also provides users with organizer functions, such as electronic calendar, address book, notepad and calculator.

Over the next few months, Paramount Pictures and United International Pictures (UIP) will be promoting “The Saint” around the world. As part of the promotion, an original “The Saint” Internet competition including Nokia, Bulgari and Volvo is running on a worldwide basis. The Grand Prize will consist of a fully accessoried Nokia 9000 Communicator with USD 50,000 worth of free airtime, a Volvo C70 car or exclusive timepieces from Bulgari.