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Nokia's Success in the Russian Cellular Market Continues

The delivery will include a Nokia DX 200 MTX mobile switch, base stations and transmission equipment. At the moment, Tele-North is operating with NMT 450 base stations in Murmansk, connected to a mobile switch in Finland. The new MTX will provide Tele-North's network to be a part of the Russian Federal NMT 450 network. Now, subscribers of Tele-North's network can roam in the Russian Federal NMT network.

This new contract with North-West Russia strengthens Nokia's already leading position in the region. Nokia has concluded long-term frame agreements with both of St. Petersburg's Federal Cellular operators, Delta Telecom, for NMT 450, and North-West GSM.

Tele-North is a closed joint stock company between Murmanskelektrosvjyaz, a Russian local telecom operator, and Telecominvest, a holding company from St. Petersburg.