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Nokia Delivers DCS 1800 Network to Beijing

Beijing Telecommunications Administration also operates a GSM network supplied by Nokia. Earlier this year Nokia delivered an expansion to BTA's GSM network increasing the network capacity to 550,000 subscribers.

" We are pleased to deliver our customer an effective dual band GSM/DCS solution where existing mobile switches and base station controllers can flexibly be shared between the two networks," explains Mr. Folke Ahlbäck, Senior Vice President, Nokia, Greater China.

The new DCS 1800 network will share the GSM network's Short Message Service Center (SMSC), that Nokia delivered in 1994 to Beijing Telecommunications Administration. Chinese-character short message services are supported by the Nokia SMSC also in the DCS 1800 trial network.

Beijing Telecommunications Administration's network, supplied by Nokia, is the first system to support international roaming among GSM networks in China. Moreover, the Nokia mobile switches in the Beijing TA's network are the largest capacity MSCs in operation in China.