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Nokia Signs Digital Handset Contract with Aerial Communications

The Nokia 2190e incorporates Nokia’s own leading-edge technology, the Enhanced Full Rate (EFR) voice codec, developed by Nokia and the University of Sherbrooke (Canada), and is now the industry standard codec for GSM 1900. EFR provides voice quality that is comparable to landline and better than most mobile communications technology available today. The Nokia 2190e also includes a multi-party calling feature, which allows for conference calling with up to five additional parties. The Nokia 2190e also includes advanced features such as call privacy and security (calls are encrypted so they are safe from eavesdroppers) with the SIM (Subscriber Identification Module) card, two-way paging (Short Message Service), call forwarding and call waiting.

In 1996, Nokia was selected as the sole infrastructure supplier for the initial build-out of Aerial’s PCS network. Nokia’s leading radio and switching technology and dedicated engineering implementation teams led to the deployment of the commercial system in less than one year from the contract. Nokia has supplied Aerial with a complete GSM 1900 network, including switching centers, base stations, base station controllers and short messaging systems.

The Aerial Communications launch in Columbus last month was an important milestone in Nokia’s continued global leadership in GSM-based PCS system solutions. Nokia supplies GSM-based systems to 54 operators in 31 countries, including Western Wireless (base stations) in the United States.

“The agreement between Nokia and Aerial Communications is an excellent example of Nokia's rapid response to market needs by delivering the many proven GSM features for both voice and messaging, such as multi-party conference calling and short message service, to the Americas,” said Jyrki Salo, president of Nokia's infrastructure business group in the Americas. “The leading GSM operators in the world are Nokia customers, and Nokia is well positioned to create leading-edge mobile services and offer world-class functionality and features for mobile subscribers.”