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World's First Digital IRD with 'Common Interface' to Get More Services

The Common Interface is equipped with a standardized interface as a solution to the many problems synonymous with the uptake of digital TV transmission and is supported by many broadcasters including public service companies. The end-user will benefit from a universal digital receiver that will enable reception of services from a number of programme providers. Despite the continued success of MPEG-2/DVB as a world-wide standard for digital TV broadcasting, no standard has been set for the Conditional Access (encryption) format which ensures that transmissions only reach the viewers that are entitled to the services. The Common Interface standardized CA modules can be inserted into the IRDs and the end-user will be happy with one digital receiver.

Owe Tornquist, vice president on NMNT, says: "The ability to launch digital receivers onto the market so rapidly clearly demonstrates Nokia's core competencies in digital video broadcasting. Nokia continues to hold a strong position in the Nordic market and we look forward to working in collaboration with Telenor."

Knut Reed, managing director Telenor Satellite Services, adds: "Telenor will use Common Interface-technology to keep the Nordic market open as analogue systems do today because various services can use the same receiver to broadcast their content. Telenor, the leading satellite operator in the Nordic market also feels that a common standard protects the subscribers' investment in the receiver. This deal will give viewers access to a wide range of TV and radio services, as well as new interactive services, in the future."

The first 500 IRDs for test and evaluation were delivered to Telenor at the beginning of April and production will be stepped up in the following months.

The CA-module will be supplied by Telenor with the relevant SMART cards while Nokia will handle distribution throughout the whole territory - Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden.

The first Common Interface receiver, the Nokia DVB9600S was shown for the first time on the Nokia stand at the Cable & Satellite Show (21-23 April, in London, UK).