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Nokia Provides Narrowband Sockets Server Implementation

Representing a revolution in the perception of the mobile client, NBS technology extends the reach of the Internet, allowing mobile clients continuous wireless connections without maintaining data calls for “always-on, always-connected” usage. Specifically, users with just a mobile phone and a PC won’t need to download data -- it will be immediately delivered to wherever they are.

Developed by Nokia, the NBS server implementation provides functionality for GSM networks -- the most deployed wireless digital technology worldwide. NBS applies mainstream technologies such as WinSock 2, one of the most popular network programming interfaces today and the basic platform for the Internet, to the wireless world. Without requiring knowledge of the underlying network, NBS allows developers to use WinSock 2 to implement environments in which end users can send and receive short messages. NBS implementation is based on a Windows Open System Architecture (WOSA) -- allowing developers to provide implementations for other messaging networks such as ReFLEX, pACT, Mobitex/Ardis and SMS over CDMA and TDMA networks. Narrowband Sockets defines an efficient implementation of User Datagram Protocol (UDP) using store and forward services over wireless messaging networks.

The NBS Version 1.0 of the NBS Server Implementation is a royalty-free software, like the NBS open-industry specification. This is a logical continuation from the previously announced joint agreement in September 1996 with Intel on the availability of the open NBS specification. In addition to the NBS Version 1.0 server implementation, Nokia and Intel offer the Narrowband Sockets Specification Revision 1.0 and a client beta version on the Internet at and Also located at the Club Nokia web site is an NBS white paper, a document discussing the supported and unsupported features of the NBS specification Revision 1.0, an Installation and Configuration Guide, and the royalty-free licensing terms.

Nokia, a forerunner in digital mobile phones, is one of the two largest suppliers of GSM networks internationally and has sales in approximately 130 countries. Nokia is also a global leader in wireless data. With net sales totaling USD 8.5 billion in 1996, Nokia employs more than 33,000 people in 45 countries. Nokia’s shares are listed on the Helsinki, New York, London, Stockholm, Frankfurt and Paris stock exchanges.

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