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Nokia Supplies GSM Network Expansion to the Indonesian Telkomsel

Nokia is delivering base station controllers, GSM base stations and microcells to Telkomsel. The agreement also includes the Nokia Intelligent Underlay-Overlay solution, the Nokia NMS/2000 network management system, network planning services and technical support for a period of three years.

"We welcome this opportunity to become a partner with Telkomsel. We believe that our long experience in the global cellular industry combined with Telkomsel's knowledge of the local markets are a winning formula," says Risto Poskiparta from Nokia Telecommunications Indonesia.

"With Nokia's Intelligent Underlay Overlay -solution we will be able to rapidly expand our network and meet the growing customer needs and achieve the performance level of the network to make Telkomsel a leading GSM operator in the market" comments Garuda Sugardo, Director, Engineering of Telekomunikasi Selular.

Nokia's Intelligent Underlay Overlay is a technology which will enable Telkomsel to dramatically increase the number of channels at existing base station sites and improve network quality. Its implementation will allow Telkomsel to reduce the need for additional sites as well as reducing costs.

Telkomsel is the leading GSM operator in Indonesia with over 350,000 subscribers and nationwide coverage to all 27 provinces. The network was commercially launched in May 1995.

Nokia is the world's largest supplier of GSM 1800 networks, one of the two largest suppliers of GSM 900 as well as being a market leader in mobile data infrastructure. Nokia's GSM technology has been supplied to or ordered by 63 operators in 34 countries.

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