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Nokia 445Xpro Sets a New Performance Standard

The Nokia 445Xpro’s maximum resolution of 1800 x 1440 at flicker free 80 Hz refresh frequency breaks new ground for 21-inch displays. The CAD, DTP or DTI professional upgrading a display with standard 1280 x 1024 resolution to the Nokia 445Xpro will be able to pack 85 per cent more information on the screen. He can have e-mail and Internet connections open and showing on the screen while working with some other application. And there will be room for his software tools which are increasingly accessed over a computer network.

Genuinely Large Screen

The professional working on a detail which requires great accuracy can draw the true benefit of the larger picture of the larger display only if the picture is as sharp as that of smaller displays. The Nokia 445Xpro sets a new performance standard for 21-inch displays in resolution. The 0.21 mm horizontal dot pitch makes for exceptionally clear and accurately presented images. Thanks to the unequalled horizontal (line) frequency of up to 121 kHz, the image is flicker free right through to the highest resolutions.

The large display is genuinely large if the picture is sharp and focused in every part of the screen. Dynamic adjustment of picture convergence, with adjustment in 25 individual screen areas, ensures that the picture of the Nokia 445Xpro is sharp even in the corners. Dynamic focusing of the picture sustains a picture that is clear from corner to corner.

The Dark Tube glass of the screen is best for high picture contrast and readability.

Undistorted and Focused Picture

The Nokia 445Xpro features Nokia’s new Moire cancellation. The new technology marks an advance over conventional methods of shifting the whole screen image in that it cancels the wavy pattern without a reduction in the focus performance of the display.

Another feature enhancing the picture of the Nokia 445Xpro is NokiaCoating policy for professional displays. This coating technology reduces the maximum reflection level to less than 1 per cent without a loss in the display's focus performance. With reflection reduced to a minimum, the professional can work with a clear image, which does not cause eye fatigue even in difficult light conditions.

User Comes First

It is of great importance to the CAD, DTP and DTI professionals that the visual characteristics of the image on the display screen remain constant. The Nokia 445Xpro makes it easy to adjust the image to compensate for changed ambient conditions.

The user interface features easy access controls for brightness and contrast, the settings most frequently adjusted. Other picture parameters can be set by means of the Navi-keyTM and an On-Screen Menu to guide the adjustments.

The dual signal input of the Nokia 445Xpro enables the display to be connected to two computer systems, a distinct advantage in a world where professionals increasingly work and access their tools over computer networks.

The Nokia 445Xpro has TCO’95 approval with its strict requirements on ergonomics, energy saving and environmental compatibility. The energy consumption of 0.1 W in the turn-off mode is exceptionally low, just over one per cent of the minimum required for TCO’95 approval.