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Nokia Technologies

Nokia Technologies is a leading innovator of the core technologies enabling the Programmable World, where everything and everyone will be connected.

Nokia Technologies is expanding Nokia’s successful patent licensing program and licensing proprietary technologies to enable its customers to build better products.

Nokia Technologies is also helping customers leverage the value of the Nokia brand in the consumer device space, starting with the Nokia N1 Android™ tablet.

Finally, the Nokia Technologies incubation program focuses on developing new ideas and prototypes.

All of these activities are supported by its world-class Nokia Labs R&D team, which is continuing more than two decades of Nokia leadership in multimedia, connectivity, sensing and material technologies as well as imaging, audio, web and cloud technologies.

Technology Licensing

Through our technology licensing programs, Nokia Technologies offers other companies and organizations the opportunity to benefit from our breakthrough innovations, with a focus on enabling the human possibilities of the connected world. Our areas of licensing include imaging, audio, sensing and connectivity technologies.

To inquire about technology licensing, please contact us:

Patent Licensing

To enquire about a license to Nokia patents, please contact Nokia Patent Licensing. Please note that all enquiries are processed in a non-confidential and non-binding manner and sending of confidential information is therefore not suggested.

Nokia Corporation
Patent Licensing Requests
P.O Box 226
FIN-00045 Nokia Group Finland
fax +358 (0) 10 448 1000

Brand Licensing

Through our brand licensing activities, Nokia Technologies identifies and works with strategic partners to create great products that deliver the Nokia brand promise to consumers, starting with the Nokia N1 Android tablet. We aim to develop products that think ahead and make sophisticated technology simple.

To inquire about brand licensing, please contact:

Contact Information

Mailing Address
200 S. Mathilda Avenue
Sunnyvale, CA 94086

Media Inquiries
Nokia Technologies Media Relations
+1 408 203 5906

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