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Nokia Technologies

We can now proudly announce that the Nokia brand will be returning to the worldwide mobile phone and tablet market.

Nokia Technologies (TECH) is our advanced technology and licensing business. Formed in 2014, TECH builds upon our solid foundation of industry-leading licensing and technology R&D capabilities. By focusing on Digital Media, Digital Health and Patent Licensing, TECH is expanding the human possibilities of the ever-evolving world of technology.

Digital Health

Nokia Technologies has announced plans to acquire Withings S.A., a pioneer and leader in the connected health revolution with a family of award-winning digital health products and services to help people all over the world lead healthier, happier and more productive lives.

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Digital Media

Our newest Nokia Technologies practice will introduce groundbreaking new products like OZO, the extraordinary VR camera designed and built specifically for professional content creators. Additionally, this focus area includes license offerings to be integrated into other companies’ products and services. The technologies we develop will drive renewal and long-term value of Nokia’s intellectual property portfolio.

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Patent Licensing

Our Patent Business manages one of the broadest and strongest IP portfolios in the industry, comprised of approximately 9,900 patent families made up of about 30,000 granted patents and applications, built on more than €50 billion in R&D over the past two decades,

Nokia has more than 100 licensees, mainly for our Standards Essential Patents (SEPs). We are exploring new licensing opportunities beyond the smartphone markets, in automotive & consumer electronics.

To inquire about a license to Nokia patents, contact Nokia Patent Licensing. Please note that all inquiries are processed in a non-confidential and non-binding manner, and sending of confidential information is therefore not suggested.

Nokia Corporation
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Contact Information

Through Nokia Technologies, we continue to advance as a leading innovator of the core technologies that enable our connected world. Contact us with general inquiries, for media information and investor relations, or to submit an invention of your own.

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Nokia Technologies
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